Welcome to the Multiverse

In 2076, the Earth was over polluted, resources taxed, and the population was sick and dying. “The Journeyman Project” was going to fix the Earths Problems. Opening a portal to Mars, scientist and engineers would help transformer Mars into another Earth. But things did not go as planed. Portals opened, not to Mars, but other Universes and other Earths. Earth 2 was a nearly perfect world, low population, Lots of resources to trade and science took different turns. As The Journeyman Project came up and running, it has been discovered that Earth 2 scientists had their first Particle Accelerator, and it was turned on at the same time, and it has been theorized that both actions created the event that opened the wormholes to the Multiverse.

10 years later All but the stable wormholes between Earth 1 & 2 have been closed. Travel is possible between the multiverse thanks to The Network. The Network is the linkage between the Multiverse Starting with Earth 1 and going on from there.

Observation through the wormhole is possible via viewing technology called the oculus matrix. It allows for viewing through a myriad of ways. It is a magical, psychic and technological output system that lets the viewer sense the planet through the wormhole it allows for all senses but the viewer is almost unseen. In very rare occasions has a viewer been seen or better felt in another universe.

Heroes of the Multiverse Or the CON-men and CON-women

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